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BasketCASE: Redefined is an outstanding experience for growth-minded individuals who want to learn, collaborate and expand. This monthly workshop provides the right opportunity for engagement and empowerment. We are excited about your interest in attending!


About Us:




If you are interested, or know someone who would be a great featured speaker for BasketCASE: Redefined workshop, please

email our team at events@southerncharmgb.com. We will contact you to complete the speaker interview process.


Why is this monthly event called “BasketCASE: Redefined?”


1) It's sponsored by Southern Charm Gift BASKETS and our passion is to encourage others to:







A sign of a growth is to learn to see things differently -- and continue to learn. What may have initally seemed to be an undesirable thing (a basket case) can now be viewed as a positive...REDEFINED. Come learn from, and be supported by, others looking to grow themselves and their businesses. If you feel comfortable sharing valuable information with the group, we'd love to have you speak at an upcoming event.

Hosted by: BJ Greer

Southern Charm Gift Baskets


Our focus at Southern Charm Gift Baskets is appreciating the important people in our lives. We operate each day with the motto:  Thinking outside the box... and into the basket!


BJ founded SCGB in 2010, and continues to share ways for people to grow themselves, their relationships, and their businesses.

Surround yourself with savvy and like-minded business people willing and wanting to make dynamic connections.

Learn valuable content from a credible speaker on ways to grow yourself, your business, and your network.  

Join us for an opportunity to win a delightful gift basket from Southern Charm Gift Baskets!

Enjoy an interactive morning of self-development and fun!